A look at things to come

Well for starters, let’s talk about what my first project will be come go time. Before moving out to Oregon the last thing I bought was a 1750 point Eldar army. I’ll need to point the army out again but I believe this was my purchase but I’ll take inventory again when I can.

– Farseer
– 15 Fire Dragons
– 20 or 30 Dire Avengers
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
– 3 Fire Prisms
Dedicated Transports
– 6 Wave Serpents

Now I’m not sure what color scheme to go with here. Originally I went with my own color scheme, but I’m not sure how much I actually like it now. So these guys will be repainted completed. I’m looking at either going just with a Beil-tan scheme or a Il-Kaithe, most likely Il-Kaithe.

Now I probably have some 5,000k odd points in space marines that need painting, so there is another task. Then I have a lot of Necrons as well. Now these Necrons haven’t been updated with the new codex, and I’m not sure if I will update them. Not until I’m at least playing again. I have a collection of warriors, 15 destroyers, 6 heavy destroyers, nightbringer and deceiver, destroyer lord, a regular lord, and 3 monoliths. So it is still a legal force, just not sure how good it is as a force now. I’ve painted these guys so many times it isn’t funny, same goes for the space marines. So we will just have to see if I end up painting these or decide to expand my eldar or work towards building the fantasy army of my dreams, which is most likely vampires, but we will see is that is the same after I finish painting my eldar.

Now I have a lot of paint I need to buy, but the store here in town apparently doesn’t like to sell good paint. So I’ll be having to order online. I haven’t painted for nearly a year. Let’s hope I haven’t lost my touch.

On that note, I miss Tabletop. Best nerd store ever.

Daniel out

4 Responses to “A look at things to come”
  1. snoddie says:

    If you could just stick to an army color scheme you’d already have one army done by now.

    • plasticpaper says:

      This is a true statement. I’ve had a fully painted marine army 2 times, necrons 3 times, and my eldar is only half painted, but it still counts here.

      • Tyler Watts says:

        I thumb my nose at your list until you get Wraith-something. They’re too cool not to include.

      • plasticpaper says:

        I hear you. I’ll probably get a wraithlord or two. Waiting to see if GW replacing wraithguard though. $15 a pop is mighty pricey for something I want 10 of.

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