Planning Dan’s Demise

Oh Hi!

Well let me introduce myself, my name is Dave and that’s my picture up there at the top. To the right of that ugly mug that is Dan. As Dan has already stated in a previous post he and I have been gaming buddies for a few years now and it was him who dragged me back into the hobby after a 3 or 4 year break. We have been opponents across the table many of times. He is usually playing Space Marines and me Orks so our rivalry seems only natural. So let me run down a list of projects I have in the hopper.

These are some early Beastmen that I've did some test painting on. I've been using the reaper 3 coats for skin tones and some of my own mixes. The Gnoll is a reaper fig I wanted to include in my unit. I like to think Beastmen are equal opportunity employers when it comes to pillaging the lands of the Empire.

Warhammer Fantasy- I’ve been wanting to get into this game for quite some time now, and after too much time spent scoring over army after army I have decided on Beastmen, for three main reasons.

  • First they look freaking sweet.
  • Second I’ve been to several local gaming tournaments and have yet to see another Beastman player, this is probably a sign on how well the army performs competatively but I’ve always been more of the beer and chips gamer anyways.
  •  Lastly I’ve been meaning to work on my ability to paint flesh tones and since Beastmen seem to shun the very idea of armor there is plenty of flesh to paint, plus if I screw a guy up, we’ll just say that Gor got a little two close to the chaos warps.

Hey Dan, how much are prepainted minis worth? No this is a project I've always felt like pre-painted minis where lacking the luster and rather blan. However the idea of having minis out of the box ready to go is always appealing to a DM. These guys I think are a happy medium as I've simply gone over and done some light detail work / basing on these guys, then dipped each into army painter. This process I think improves them greatly and I think in 30 mins (not including drying time) I had me 3 giant bugs and one eye creeper ready to pester my PCs.

Fantasy RPG – A good friend of mine recently lured me into the wonderful world of RPGs, these games are really the only consistent gaming I’ve been doing as of late. So this has lead me to buy / trade my fantasy mini collection to a record high with beautiful miniatures from multiple ranges. These guys just scream PAINT ME! 

These are the Yellow Jackets assault team from the Miniature game Mercs. I haven't had a chance to play this game yet but it does look like fun and surprisingly simple to run. These miniatures are highly detailed and come from a very clean cast and where a real joy to build and paint. I decided to go with a blue and tan color scheme rather than the suggested Yellow as they will also be playing some villains in my RPG Game "The Aurora Protocol".

Sci Fi RPGs – As I’ve told you above I’ve recently gotten back into RPGs. Now while fantasy is my mistress Science Fiction is my first love. So I’ve been itching to run a Travelers style universe with the Savage Worlds RPG rule set. I’ve began building my miniature collection for this universe as well. 

Warhammer 40k– I also have had the recent delight of playing Rouge Trader for the first time. The game was a blast and finally I have an excuse to start buying Warhammer 40k Miniatures again, I’ve never been a huge fan of 5th ed but am excited to see 6th edition. I also have a fairly decent Ork army (as mentioned above) that has been neglected for far too long and a few plastic cans still  in the box (this is a crime) and a Forgeworld Mega Dred awaiting assembly!

 So I’m really quite excited to start this friendly competition against Dan as it should provide even more motivation to apply paint to plastic and pewter!

Until Next time Cheers! Dan – I wish a Pox upon your paint pots!

One Response to “Planning Dan’s Demise”
  1. Tyler Watts says:

    Good luck. I have an obscene amount of orks to paint for the Big Brush, too. I hope to cheat using Yellow Army Painter with green wash for easier ork skin.

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