Daniel’s plate

So here is what I appear to be working with. I have a lot of patch work I’ll need to be doing.

Some of the larger vehicles, highlights are the Necron Tomb Stalker and the Hornet (Edit: there are appears to be some shadow spectres in there. I never put those guys together.)

Marines! No highlights here unless I can put together my conversion beamer again. You can see a part of it at the bottom of the picture.

So here are my Eldar. Nothing too fancy here.

More Eldar, and part of my collection of grav tanks, plus another hornet.

What appears to be bitz, Tyranid models and perhaps some orks

Here is an awesome picture, if only because you can see all three Necron paint schemes. The only one that is missing is my first one which was just a metal scheme.

Here are more grav tanks and some horde models.

And last the contents of a dwarf battalion.

Well looks like I have an uphill battle in regards to getting everything organized. Moving takes a beating on minis :(.


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