Dave’s Opening Salvo

Well I guess it’s time for me to answer Dan’s threat by introducing my paint table lineup, It’s quite a mix of miniatures that come from several Fantasy and Science Fiction lines. 

O-tay. So lets look at what I have here from left to right.

The first miniature I have is a Swashbuckler from the Savage Worlds Miniature Line.

Followed by a duel wielding barbarian produced by Reaper Miniatures who I’m lovely referring to as Shagga son of Dolf, because he is ready to cut off your cock and feed it to his goats.

Then you all should recognize the Dark Elf assassin from Games Workshops Fantasy line obviously not on his traditional base, but this is my OCD kicking in that does not allow me to game in RPGs with characters that have unmatched bases, so yes I end up buying multiples of the same miniatures, simply so I can have my RPG Minis and my Army Minis. I think I need help.

The wizard standing next to him is a relic of Tabletop gaming and has quite a cool story to him. So a while back a friend of mine came across a box about the size of a small appliance (think mini fridge) anyhow this box was filled to the brim with lead miniatures from the company Fan Pro for their RPG line Das Schwarze Auge. My reaction was slightly less than dignified, but the good news is that I now have quite a few of these miniatures that I’m very excited to paint.

Lastly and most scantly clad of them all is a elf witch from Red Box Games, Yrsa the Accursed she has just moved to there “almost out of stock” section of the store so I would strongly suggest picking her up before she’s out of print. Red Box Games does some wonderful sculpts. A word of warning though this company sculpts at true 28mm and not the hero scale other companies use. I personally though prefer my humans to be true scale in my RPGs because it makes the monsters look even more frightening to the players.

Now moving onto Spaceships PEW PEW! Well not really space ships but people who love to fly around in space ships.

These miniatures will be part of my start studded cast of NPCs in my RPG game “The Aurora Protocol” this is a universe very similar to Travelers or Firefly so some characters will look like respectable space travelers while others will be less technologically advanced. So where do these guys come from?

Well the first one… I don’t remember, I found this shotgun wielding space cop in the closeout bin at Tabletop Game and Hobby. So if anyone can help identify him I would be greatly appreciative.

The next three our Soviet Commanders from Copples miniatures line these guys are also heroic scale minis so they would make great commissars or hero’s in your Imperial Guard Armies or perhaps just high ranking Imperial Governor? I did give the one on the far left a bushy beard with green stuff because his character in the RPG has that as a defining feature. Other than that all these guys are straight out of the box.

Ok the trooper on the far right is a bits box monstrosity his body is a Games Workshop Cadian Imperial Guardsman, the head is the Commandos heads from Micro Art Studios and his arms are from the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers. You’ve probably seen these shock troopers popping up as Chaos Renegades, at least I’ve seen quite a few at our local game shop.

Some more WIP miniatures are my Raiders These guys are also a bits-box mash-up, the body comes from the Shock Troopers from Wargames Factory while their guns and heads come from an Australian miniature sculptor Victoria Lamb, The last guy’s mad Mohawk comes from the Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker plastic kit. These guys aren’t quite ready for primer because I still need to finish up their basing and I think I’m going to add some respirator backpacks on them along with grenades and loot from previous raids, they aren’t ready to be painted but I still wanted to show them off.


Tell us what you think!

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