First Blood!

FIRST BLOOD!!! I said that in my best video game announcer voice possible. But enough vigi game references aside lets move on. 

Wow, well this weekend went super fast and I didn’t get nearly as much time at the paint table as I had hoped. It seems that this painting duel is getting off at a slower for myself that I would of liked. I am bent on getting the first painted mini out despite how small of a lead it gives me so I managed to get a little (tiny) bit of painting done in between my obligations to productivity this and planning the opening act to my Rogue Trader game I’ll be starting on Tuesday. Sadly though I don’t think this miniature will be playing a role in that campaign but who knows? The Warhammer 40k universe is a widely exciting fluff and just about anyone or anything can show up! 

As for this miniature I mentioned she’s a Red-Box Games Special and quite a beauty to look at. I was lazy on this one and didn’t spend any time with the eyes, but really I have a hard time painting eyes and unless they are larger than normal or somehow enhance the model I usually just heavily shadow the eye lids to give the suggestion of eyes… again because I’m usually lazy. I am however very happy how this lovely lady came out, and due to my huge Game of Thrones kick I’m on I think she kind of resembles Daenerys with her white hair.

Here be Dragons!

Well that’s all for now I hope you enjoy the sweet taste of being in second DAN!  

5 Responses to “First Blood!”
  1. Tyler Watts says:

    Dan’s going to have to hope for a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker, now.

  2. plasticpaper says:

    Nicely done. Your painting skills have improved a lot since I last saw anything you painted. Unfortunately mine are kinda crappy right now since I haven’t painted for over a year :(. However I do have a few models ready to be posted as soon as I finish basing them. I also need a good way to take pictures of them. Are you actually using a light box?

    • plasticpaper says:

      Side note: Good news is I got the OK to paint at work so I’ll have more time to paint starting tomorrow when I remember my paints!

  3. snoddie says:

    Thanks Dan, Yeah you should of seen the craptastic miniatures I painted when I was just getting back into this hobby after college! Don’t worry though I’m sure it will come back to you quickly.

    I guess you could call it a light box… It’s simply an old beastman army box with white paper taped to the inside of it, I’m thinking about switching to black fabric though but more testing is required on that idea.

    I then have two lamps, one is a white light (my painting lamp) that I place over the miniature. I then hold a yellow light (not ideal but it’s what I have) spot light that has white paper taped over the bulb to diffuse the light source to highlight the miniature. Cause surely that isn’t a fire hazard!

    Then I just snap the picture with my old Cannon Rebel. I’m sure your point and shoot probably could do this job just fine, just stop by Wallie-World and pick up some cheap lights (preferably white light), and you should be set.


  4. Dillon the Tauist says:

    Post higher resolution pics you scrubs!

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