Shooting some Magic Missiles… at the Darkness

If you don’t get the reference to this title, then good for you! You’ve managed to avoid this RPG internet meme.

Well I got two more miniatures to add to my total point count. The wizard on the left is from an old miniature company that has, since gone out of business. The swords man to the right is from Savage Worlds miniature line. I’m pretty happy with how the my wizard came out but not so much on the swords man

For starters this  swords man originally had some odd hair flip thing I wasn’t into so I took my clippers and cut it off. I decided not to green stuff on his hair because I thought once he was painted the miniature would look fine, I was mistaken but that will teach me to not take the lazy road. He also had a weird brown spot on his shirt where the dip dried funny, not horrible but just a little odd looking. Again this was me being lazy.

The wizard though I am very happy with especially his cloak, I wanted him to look like a wondering traveler who has been on the road for a few weeks on his way from one town to another healing, casting magic missiles, casting out daemons or simply doing whatever wizards do. So the bottom of his cloak has a nice transition into mud and dirt that he has picked up as he’s been walking down small unpaved roads between this providence and the next. I also painted his eyes to do a slight green glow as he’s preparing to cast some spell through his staff’s gem. Knowing my RPG group he’s probably reviving some over zealous striker.

I probably won’t get a chance to use these guys for a while as my RPG group is taking a break from fantasy settings and are exploring the Dark Grimy World of Rogue Trader by Fantasy Flight Games. Now with more darkness and extra grim. Yet this gives me an excuse to paint more of those beautiful GW 40k miniatures that I love so much

-Dave OUT!


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