A dwarf of an update

Well I have been busy starting a lot of painting projects but I have exactly finished a lot. I do have my first dwarf painted so there is at least that. I asked Snoddie what color scheme I should go with and he responded with yellow, green, and blue. I was a little put off … Continue reading

You thought I died didn’t you?

After much blood, sweat, broken brushes, eye strain, and string cheese, I finally got a full squad of mercs done! As you can see I redid the paint scheme a little bit. With it being an urban warfare game I decided that the colors needed to be more muted. Also I have the first guy … Continue reading

New stuff on the way

I promise I haven’t forgot about painting!!!! So school ended the other week and now I can finally get down to some serious painting. I have a bunch of things half painted. My mercs are all pretty much half painted. I have a few eldar that are half painted. Some of my trolls are partially … Continue reading

Deflector shields engage

Ok so it did take me awhile to get a model done. Apparently working full time and going to school full time makes it really hard to find time to paint. Luckily I can now paint at work so huzzah there. Anyways, I’m very happy with the way my first model turned out since I … Continue reading

Daniel’s plate

So here is what I appear to be working with. I have a lot of patch work I’ll need to be doing. Some of the larger vehicles, highlights are the Necron Tomb Stalker and the Hornet (Edit: there are appears to be some shadow spectres in there. I never put those guys together.) Marines! No … Continue reading

A look at things to come

Well for starters, let’s talk about what my first project will be come go time. Before moving out to Oregon the last thing I bought was a 1750 point Eldar army. I’ll need to point the army out again but I believe this was my purchase but I’ll take inventory again when I can. HQ … Continue reading