Deflector shields engage

Ok so it did take me awhile to get a model done. Apparently working full time and going to school full time makes it really hard to find time to paint. Luckily I can now paint at work so huzzah there. Anyways, I’m very happy with the way my first model turned out since I … Continue reading

First Blood!

FIRST BLOOD!!! I said that in my best video game announcer voice possible. But enough vigi game references aside lets move on.  Wow, well this weekend went super fast and I didn’t get nearly as much time at the paint table as I had hoped. It seems that this painting duel is getting off at … Continue reading

Dave’s Opening Salvo

Well I guess it’s time for me to answer Dan’s threat by introducing my paint table lineup, It’s quite a mix of miniatures that come from several Fantasy and Science Fiction lines.  O-tay. So lets look at what I have here from left to right. The first miniature I have is a Swashbuckler from the … Continue reading

Planning Dan’s Demise

Oh Hi! Well let me introduce myself, my name is Dave and that’s my picture up there at the top. To the right of that ugly mug that is Dan. As Dan has already stated in a previous post he and I have been gaming buddies for a few years now and it was him … Continue reading